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With this template, you'll have a running Wix chatbot for your e-commerce store to let you automate FAQs, suggest product lines, and boost your customer experience.

Simply download our Voiceflow template, run a prototype, then deploy to your Wix store with minimal dev experience needed. Here are the instructions:

  1. Clone the Voiceflow project to your workspace
  2. Add sources to your Knowledge Base (ie. PDF, URLs, Docx files)
  3. Hit the blue play button to run a prototype of your chat experience
  4. Hit publish then embed widget to grab the chatbot snippet
  5. Head to your Shopify themes code and add it in the body tag
  6. You're live! Test your new chatbot, update anything on Voiceflow in realtime and it will be updated live in your store
  7. Improve and iterate your assistant with Voiceflow transcripts and analytics

What can you use this for? 💡

1. Automate your FAQs

  • Answer commonly asked questions from customers
  • Resolve basic queries for your customers
  • Free up time for you to handle more complex tasks

2. Customize your customer's store experience

  • Provide links to relevant product recommendations to your users
  • Build a strong brand identity through top notch digital assistance
  • Better understand your customers and their intent
  • Inform net new products based on frequently requested items

3. Give your store a sales boost

  • Convert store visitors into customers through a personalized concierge experience
  • Speed up product searches
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Show order status

How does the technology work?

The knowledge base component of this chatbot is powered by a custom API that uses advanced technologies like Open AI, Langchain, Redis, OpenSearch, and Unstructured to fetch content from various sources, including URLs, sitemaps, text, PDFs, PowerPoints, Notion docs (markdown), and images (OCR).

Once the content is collected, it is turned into embeddings or vectors and saved in a local OpenSearch database, creating a comprehensive knowledge base. Users can then interact with the chatbot, asking questions about any topic related to Voiceflow. The chatbot utilizes the knowledge base to generate context and provide answers.

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