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How to design a hotel concierge chatbot

An easy-to-use hotel concierge system that answers FAQs and fulfills simple requests.

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The hotel concierge chatbot brings to life a fully automated front desk experience through the power of intents, topics, and commands.

This template will help you:

  • Use intents to create a custom, scalable menu system
  • Take advantage of buttons to help guide the conversation
  • Understand the difference between Topics & Commands
  • Utilize Commands to handle FAQs and simple requests

The Hotel Concierge template can help you design a smart chatbot that is capable of handling common questions about things like housekeeping, adding additional nights to your stay, and getting recommendations for local activities, restaurants, and events.

Chatbots are used today by all types of businesses to handle customer inquiries. You can easily use these bots to answer questions about a business's location or services and to perform a variety of tasks like calling a bellboy for assistance or revising a previous booking.

With the help of this template, you can build out several other chatbot experiences, such as:

  1. Airbnb Assistant
  2. Event space virtual tour
  3. Flight itinerary
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