April Newsletter (2020)

More ways to level up your skills

Product education at your fingertips

We recognize that changes to the existing user experience of any tool you rely on can take some adjusting to. We want to thank you for being open to change and allowing us to level-up our product as we move towards a brighter future.

We're here to make this transition as smooth as possible and to help you get acclimated with your new surroundings. Below, we've created a list of materials to support you when diving into your new canvas design experience.

What happened this month: 

Product Release: 

Brand new canvas experience by Mark Ammendolia

Walkthrough of what's changed to the canvas and how your new experience will shape future designs


Making it easier to design great conversations by Michael Hood

Understand the theory behind our changes and how you can best leverage them.

Stream on-demand: 

Blocks redesign walkthrough by Michael Hood

Michael Hood, Head of Product Design walks us through new features and functionality, available on-demand

Weekly office hours: 

Fix it hour with Nico by Nico Arcay Bermejo

Tune in every week as Nico, Voiceflow Studio Lead dives into community questions and live builds projects

Creator of the Month

Nate Munk | Relaxing Sleep Sounds

If anyone knows how to build successful voice apps for different audiences, it's Nate Munk. He's published an assortment of skills - 29 to be exact - to the Alexa Skill Store and is generating revenue off more than a dozen of those apps using ISP (in-skill purchasing).

The most successful skills in Nate's catalogue are from his Relaxing Sleep Sounds series, where he's new earning anywhere between $500 to $700 USD a month in paid subscriptions.

You might be asking yourself, "So, what's his secret?" 

No spoilers here. Find out all the details in our new Creator of the Month article.

Every App will be a Voice App

Why we haven't found the "killer app" of voice

In this thought-piece, Voiceflow CEO and co-founder Braden Ream breaks down his perspective on the current state and future of voice apps as well as the rise of multi-interface apps.

This blog post combines a couple of different ideas we've been thinking about at Voiceflow. In short, it discusses: 

1. What 'voice' and voice apps are
2. Why we haven't had a blockbuster voice app yet
3. The reasoning behind why every app will be a voice app in the near future 

Read the full story here! 

Introducing our new online series

Webinars, Walkthroughs, AMAs, and more

This month we launched Voiceflow Events, our hub for all upcoming events in our community. We'll be hosting everything from weekly office hours, to community events and interviews with thought leaders, business minds, and professional creators.


AMA with Cathy Pearl

Hosted by Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth

Cathy Pearl, Head of Conversation Design at Google and author of Designing Voice User Interfaces, will be joining us for an AMA (ask me anything) webinar on Friday, May 22nd.

Cathy is a voice pioneer. Having been in voice for over 20 years, there are few as experienced as her. Tune in as Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow dives deep into her thoughts on the future of conversation design, best practices, and what designers should be thinking about now. Save your spot here.

More happening in May

Venturing into Voice - Friday, May 12th

Hosted by Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth featuring: True Ventures & Canvas Ventures.

Curious how venture firms see the future of voice? In this webinar, we'll dive into how they're approaching voice. Save your spot here.

Fix it hour with Nico - Every Thursday

Hosted by Nico Arcay Bermejo

Tune in every week as Nico, Voiceflow Studio Lead dives into community questions and live builds projects. Save your spot here.