Feedback made easy with Voiceflow's new commenting system

Receiving feedback is a critical step in any design process. It helps us understand what we did well and what we could do better. It allows us to set expectations, collaborate with colleagues, communicate with stakeholders, and improve the quality, structure, and focus of existing work.

However, not all visual design tools have integrated feedback functionality. This forces teams to use separate tools to convey revisions such as Slack, Word docs, and e-mail, which can lead to scattered threads and disjointed conversation.

On top of that, designers communicate visually. Stakeholders on the other do not. In many cases, using words and external documentation to describe changes relating to visual elements can cause uncertainty and confusion.

At Voiceflow, we hope to solve for these problems with the launch of our new commenting system.

Introducing Commenting

With the growing importance of remote work, Voiceflow's new commenting functionality aims to streamline communication by bringing the power of asynchronous feedback inside the creator tool. By centralizing this dialogue inside the canvas, you can expect a productive feedback process that is neatly cataloged and easy to use. Say goodbye to lengthy e-mails and clunky feedback documents.

With commenting, optimize your workflow by flagging, responding, and resolving feedback inside your project. Whether you're providing a list of changes or additional context to your flows, our latest functionality cuts through any confusion by giving you the flexibility to anchor comments in and around any element on the canvas.

Communicate efficiently and iterate faster with the ability to tag others in comments. With mentions, receive in-canvas notifications and e-mail reminders to keep you up-to-date with new change requests, replies, and active threads.

In voice design, the feedback process can be a strenuous step in the production pipeline. We're excited to see how our new commenting system can save you time on your next project by improving the way teams communicate and handle feedback.

What to expect

• Create, reply, and review comments by accessing our new commenting mode
• Pin comments anywhere on the canvas including design elements
• Tag teammates and stakeholders
• Auto-send in-app and e-mail notifications using tags
• Use comment threads to keep your conversations cataloged and organized
• Resolve comments and mark tasks as complete

Using this feature

You can access commenting by selecting the commenting icon located in the bottom left of your canvas, or using the "C" hotkey

Want to learn more?
Please visit our comprehensive changelog for more information on this release.

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