How to migrate from Botmock to Voiceflow

If you haven't heard yet, Botmock was recently acquired by Walmart. The design and prototyping tool will be sunsetting its product and public access on December 1, 2021. More than anything, we'd like to congratulate the Botmock team on the news!

For current Botmock users though, we know that you might be feeling a bit lost. Looking for a Botmock alternative is one thing. Migration - especially on a quick turnaround - can be a bigger headache. As a tool for designing, prototyping and launching conversations across any channel, we're here to help designers and teams easily migrate from Botmock and find a new home for their projects on Voiceflow.

In this blog, we cover the must-knows of migrating from Botmock to Voiceflow for both enterprise teams and indie designers.

Note: We'll update this blog consistently with the latest migration information and recommendations.

Export your Botmock Designs

As of today, there are two export options available for teams and designers to download and archive their current Botmock projects.

  • JSON - This is the most comprehensive option as you'll have the code-based version your project. Our product and engineering teams are currently investigating how this JSON file can be directly uploaded and converted to the Voiceflow canvas.
  • PDF - This one-time static export of your project archives each of the steps within the experience making it easy to reference and rebuild when needed.

Each of these file types will ensure that you retain the frameworks, logic, and steps from your past projects - not to mention make a roadmap for the next step: migration.

Migrating to Voiceflow

You have your projects neatly exported, but now what? Here's our headache-less approach to migrating your exported projects to Voiceflow for both enterprise teams and individual designers alike.

For Professional Designers & Creators

For solo conversation designers looking to get started with Voiceflow, here's a list of helpful resources to make migration a breeze.

Get Started - First things first, you'll need a Voiceflow account. We've rolled out two options for getting started to fit however you'd like to work.

Try Voiceflow for 1 month free:
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Rebuild with Ease - We're hard at work on a quick start guide for designers looking to translate their Botmock design process to the Voiceflow canvas. This visual key will show anyone how the familiar buttons and steps in Botmock relate to our core tools. Better yet, we'll give you a first look at our innovative product features that will support and improve your conversation design workflow.

Ready to start migrating? Checkout this webinar done with Hillary Black on migrating your Botmock project into Voiceflow.

A visual guide showcasing how Botmock features relate to the tools on the Voiceflow canvas

Try our Tutorials - Our tutorials series flattens the learning curve. We walk you step-by-step through every element of the Voiceflow canvas so that you can fully leverage our tools for your recently migrated projects.

Join our Community - As you continue to build and grow with Voiceflow, it's a good idea to join our conversation design community of more than 25,000+ designers, developers, and leaders. Find inspiration and connection in our welcoming (and rapidly growing) community.

Find a Migration Expert - Need some extra help with your conversational experience? Last week, we made an all-call to our conversation design community. Take a look at our ever-growing list of experts and partners that can help you migrate any Botmock project to Voiceflow.

For Enterprise Teams

Whether you're building for IVR, web, mobile or any type of conversational channel, we are offering migration services for any enterprise teams migrating from Botmock.

We understand that the integrity of these designs and prototypes is essential for enterprise teams. From intents to API integrations and copy to visual assets, we're here to keep your conversations going.

Chat with our team today to get the Botmock migration process started.

In the meantime, take a look at how Voiceflow is being used by teams across finance, auto, media and countless other industries to design, prototype, and launch powerful conversations.

We're Here to Help

Most of all, our team is ready to help however we can as you look for a Botmock alternative. From migration questions to use case brainstorms, we're here to eliminate your Botmock migration headaches and be the best place to design, prototype and launch your conversations.

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