January Newsletter (2020)

In this edition of the VF newsletter, we take a look at our latest feature release, Project Voice, Creator of the Month and more!

New Feature Release

Dialogue management & editors UX improvements

A sneak peek at our new editors

As Voiceflow continues to grow, we want to encourage our users to build conversational systems that are flexible, multi-layered, and, most importantly, natural.

Our team has worked tirelessly redesigning our editors to implement a standardized dialogue management interface that adheres to conversational design best practice.The new editors make it easier to create dynamic conversations through improved slot and intent management, prompts, confirmations and more!

We believe these changes will inspire engaging conversational experiences while allowing users to build in a faster, more methodical manner.

The official release of editors will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Project Voice

Voiceflow wins third-party tool of the year

It was an incredible week at Project Voice filled with presentations, workshops, social events and great conversation. Braden Ream, CEO and co-founder of Voiceflow, and Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth, delivered two presentations and a workshop covering topics from voice prototyping to vehicular voice experiences.

Voiceflow's Project Voice User Social was a huge success with over 100 attendees throughout the event. It was a chance for us to kick-back and meet some of our community members as well as other individuals and organizations in the voice space.

We are proud to announce that Voiceflow was awarded the Third-Party Voice Development Tool of the Year! We want to dedicate this award to our entire community. Thank you for your unwavering support. This one's for you!

Voiceflow was also given the stage to announce their Community Award Winners for 2019. Congratulations to the following recipients! Your knowledge, dedication and support has inspired our community and other creators across the globe.

VF Hero Award:

Mark Maestas, Bill McCarthy

VF Growth Award:

Ron Martinez, Divyansh Chaurasia, Kuniaki Shimizu

VF Helping Hands Award:

Mark Maestas, Robert Moores

VF Team Award:

American Cancer Society, The New York Times, Annapurna Studios / Isobar

Creator of the Month

Spooky stories right to your door

"Alexa, open Campfire Stories"

If anyone appreciates a good scary story, it's Nicholas Falduto. He's been a fan of the genre ever since his 'sleep-over' days in the 6th grade. Nicholas eventually developed a passion for writing as well, using his love for spooky stories as inspiration to compose many of his written works.

When he was introduced to an Amazon Echo Dot at Christmas last year, he quickly discovered the powerful relationship that exists between storytelling and voice technology. Shortly after, he learned how to create an Alexa Skill through Voiceflow called Campfire Stories: a voice-driven, story-sharing experience set on changing the way users discover and experience interactive (and spooky) stories.

Today, Nicholas' skill is used by thousands of users across five countries and has received a 4.5-star rating on the Amazon Skill Store. For more on Nicholas and his Campfire Stories skill read the full story or visit his website bluecampfire.com.


#VFIndia continuing to push the boundaries of voice

#VF India meetup in New Delhi

Voiceflow India continues to expand its reach around the country with their latest series of events.

The Voiceflow meetup in New Delhi had more than 120 developers take part in a workshop featuring real-time collaboration. Events in Pune and Noida also had large turnouts, as attendees learned how to build voice apps from scratch using Voiceflow. For the month of January, #VFIndia saw more than 350 attendees across three different events - an incredible feat.

If that wasn't enough, the community also deployed more than 300 skills on the Alexa Skill Store using Voiceflow.

Thank you to Antrixsh Gupta, Akanksha Bhasin, Divyansh Chaurasia and the rest of the #VFIndia community for organizing these awesome events while continuing to push the limits of voice!

You can check out the #VF India Community Group here