March Newsletter (2021)

In this edition of the VF newsletter: Voiceflow Desktop App, Visual Protoyping & more – now available.

The power of Voiceflow, now on Desktop

Last month we released a series of new powerful enhancements for Voiceflow including: the Voiceflow SDK BETA, visual prototyping, enhanced sharing features and smarter prototyping features.

Now – get access to all of the features you love from Voiceflow, on your desktop. Available for Mac, Windows & Linux.

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Get visual in Voiceflow

Multi-modal experiences have exploded in popularity. As more screened devices are supporting voice interfaces, it's more important than ever to empower designers to easily build experiences that support both conversations & visuals.

Want to share a design that requires visuals? You can now toggle the share view to support any visual experience by selecting the "voice & visuals" option.

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Showing support around the globe

At Voiceflow, one of our favourite things about conversation design is the community. This past month we've seen people all around the world chime in, join the community and post what they're working on. To thank many of our early supporters and community members, we sent out hundreds of Voiceflow sticker packs to celebrate the launch of Voiceflow V2.

By popular demand, we've ordered a new batch to send out!

Want a sticker pack?

Tweet at @VoiceflowHQ and let us know your favorite thing about conversation design! The first thirty people will receive a sticker pack - easy!


How to Market your Voice

Voiceflow makes it easy to design, develop, and launch your conversation experiences. But what's next? In this session, we dive into how to market your app – and more importantly, how to get your first group of users.

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How to Build a Voice App with Airtable & No Code

Join us as we partner with Automate All Things and Airtable's, Aron Korenbilt to live build a voice experience in Voiceflow with no code.

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For your reading list

How I Used Conversation Design to Get a Job

Learn how Sam Burns, the newest member on the Voiceflow Growth Team, used a voice app to secure his spot on the team.

Written by Sam Burns | 5 mins

Voiceflow brings visual prototyping to tool

Take your voice experience to the next level with extensive and efficient visual testing.

Written by Mark Ammendolia | 8 mins

The Ultimate Guide to #VFV2

From visuals to smarter prototyping, an open-source SDK, and even a desktop app – here's the breakdown of what happened at Voiceflow V2.

Written by Sam Burns | 10 mins

What's coming up this month?

Events: How to Build a Voice App with No Code, save your spot
How to Market Your Voice Experience, save your spot here
Community: Get involved with our community docs or forum, learn more
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