February Newsletter (2020)

In this edition of the VF newsletter, we take a look at new product updates, Creator of the Month, community expansion and more.

Product Update

Small changes to save you time

You can now auto-search for slot types in the capture block

User feedback and experience are two things we take very seriously at Voiceflow. While many changes require strategic planning and a dedicated roadmap, smaller UX improvements can be tinkered with and quickly implemented to enhance productivity and ease-of-access - especially for commonly used actions.

We have updated the capture block editor so you can now auto-search for slot types when clicking in the 'input type' field. Avoid creating custom slots for frequently used requests like color or city by choosing from a catalog of built-in slot types for both Alexa and Google.

In select block editors, you can now right-click to delete items in addition to dragging them to the trash bin. Give it a try the next time you are editing a speak, choice of if block.

Creator of the Month

KQED's interactive podcast series the first of its kind

Since starting Voiceflow, we've seen thousands of ways that teams and creators around the world have experimented with building voice experiences. Public media outlet KQED is no different.

Lowell Robinson - Sr. Producer of Voice & AI at KQED - and his team have been pushing the boundaries of interactive voice experiences with their new interactive podcast series The Voicebot Chronicles.

The series uses a unique combination of reporting, storytelling and interaction to explore the complex relationship humans have with virtual assistants - the talking machines inhabiting millions of homes throughout the world.

made its official launch in early February and is now available on your Alexa and Google devices.

You can read the full story here.

Welcome to the Family 👋

#VFBrazil joins growing community

Voiceflow launches Brazil community

We are proud to welcome #VFBrazil into our global community of creators, designers, and developers!

Since their inception less than three weeks ago, the #VFBrazil community has quickly provided helpful resources for their members like online webinars, #Voiceflowtips and written tutorials in Portuguese.

Community is at the core of who we are. By supporting one another, sharing our work and experiences and conquering obstacles we can help each other push towards new horizons. Let's continue to break down walls together.

Special thanks to Keyle, Rogers, Antonio, and John for helping us grow in Brazil 🇧🇷

Join the #VFBrazil Community!

We want to speak to you!

Calling all healthcare builders

As a community-oriented organization, we understand the positive impact that accessible healthcare can have on a community. Whether it's at the clinic or in-home, voice is at the helm of driving healthcare improvements by providing convenient and more timely patient care.

If you are currently leveraging Voiceflow to build CUIs (conversational user-interfaces) around healthcare, we'd love to hear from you! Let's find ways to open up accessibility to healthcare assistance for those who need it most.

To get in touch, e-mail emily@voiceflow.com

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