Product Release

Product roundup: customizable lines, branding, passwords & more

Emily Lonetto
April 15, 2021

No two conversation designs or designers are the same, that's why we're excited to release a new array of customizations – now available on your canvas.

3 New Ways to Customize your Lines

Customize by line type

Customize Line Types in Voiceflow

Ready to take control of Voiceflow's lines? Whether you prefer straight lines or curvy, you can now toggle your preferences as well as add custom breakpoints where you see fit. This level of control enables anyone to build both vertical and horizontal flows both on the canvas and in any png/pdf export.

Make your paths stand out with colors

Customize by color with Voiceflow's colorwheel editor

All of the power of a flowchart now embedded directly in your projects. With Voiceflow, easily customize the colors of any line on your canvas, making it easier than ever for a stakeholder or teammate to follow distinct paths within your experience. Select a set color, or choose from a variety of custom colors using our in-line color wheel.

Make your conversations easier to navigate with labels

Add custom labels in your canvas

Need to share your conversation design? Whether you're sharing a static artifact or inviting a collaborator to your canvas, make it easier for them to navigate your designs with labels.
This is great for marking forks in your experience, specific flows, or even your happy and repair paths.

Customize your Shareable Prototype Experience

Inject your brand into your share view

Bitcoin branded chatbot in Voiceflow

Whether you're running user testing, working with a client, or injecting your companies branding into your project – our customized shareable prototypes are a great way to make your conversation experience, *look & feel* like your brand.

Add company logos, custom chat icons, & colors

Customize color and add NASA logo into Voiceflow project

Upload custom logos, chat icons, and colors to match your company's style guide.  
By employing these assets, your shareable prototype will reconfigure to create a better 1:1 experience for your project. Not to mention, it's an awesome way to add even more creative elements to your voice apps or chatbots.

Control what your users see

Advanced sharing views and options

Customize the user testing experience your way. Easily toggle what view you'd like to share:  visuals, voice/text only (chat), or the whole experience. This not only gives you added control over the UX design of your prototype but also improves testing within different modalities.

Password protection

Password protection in Voiceflow

Keeping your conversation design secure is an important job. With password protection, you can now add a password to any of your shareable prototypes – ensuring only the people you want can access your project.


We're excited to get these brand new customizations into the hands of our community and would love to see how you're using them! So whether you're building for yourself, working with an agency, or working within a company – you can add your own creative edge, no matter the project.

Looking to customize your conversation experience? Dive into Voiceflow and get started for free. All line customization options are available on all plans, while password protection and branding are available on all PRO plans and above. Get started for free.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our features, don't hesitate to reach out at: