Voiceflow launches collaboration and changes pricing

Today we're announcing the launch of real-time collaboration within Voiceflow alongside a brand new pricing structure. These new changes reflect VF's commitment to creating and supporting a growing user base of passionate creators whilst empowering professional teams to do their best work through enabling collaboration.

Making Voiceflow work better for teams

Real-time Collaboration (RTC) is a foundational feature for VF which marks our commitment towards helping VUI designers not only work better with each other, but with their broader teams. RTC allows multiple people to be working on a single VF canvas at the same time. VF's RTC implementation aims to make the experience of working on a project as collaborative as possible by allowing users to see each other's cursors, and edits, in real-time as they happen.

VF RTC allows project owners to invite both editor collaborators, and viewers to their project. Editors have full collaborative permissions and can make changes to the project, while viewers can "view" the project and eventually make comments (hint to upcoming features) but not make changes.

Enabling creators with unlimited projects through a new pricing structure

Since starting VF, we've been fortunate to be supported by an incredible community of fellow designers, developers, and makers like us. However, like any business, we need to make money in order to continue advancing our product and community forward. Since the the first month we launched, VF has had a free tier, and paid "Pro" tier at $30. Our tiers haven't changed much since the beginning, although our thinking has changed a lot. The value we create for individuals is different than the value we drive for teams and businesses.

Individuals are looking to create amazing experiences, often out of pure passion. They have tens, and sometimes hundreds of projects at any one given time. However, VF's free tier had a "3 project limit" which frustrated some of our most active makers who used VF as a hobby, and couldn't afford to pay $30/mo to access more projects. This led to countless VF users deleting prized projects, creating and maintaining multiple accounts, or ultimately giving up their hobby. Businesses on the other hand viewed the $30/mo fee as a rounding error and were upgrading to higher tiers not because of wanting unlimited projects, but because they wanted more advanced features, like collaboration, alongside better support. We were overcharging individuals, and underserving businesses. We needed to make a change.

When talking with our users it became clear that individual makers wanted unlimited projects, and professional users wanted collaboration features and dedicated support. So following our user's advice, we've changed our pricing to allow free users to have unlimited projects, and paid users to have support. We've increased the prices to accommodate for the lessor number of Pro users there are relative to general makers.

Existing paid users

To our existing paid users, thank you for your continued support. We've decided to grandfather everyone into their current plan, meaning if you were a Pro paid user before at $30, you will continue to pay $30 despite the face-value of the plan increasing to $50. The same goes for all past paid plans.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn't be more excited for the future of our product and community!

-VF Team