Voiceflow launches new Templates Library

It can happen with any new project. You're eager to get started but are facing an uphill battle: scattered ideas, a broad focus, and a blank canvas staring right back at you. How should I structure this blog post? What type of footage should I use in this marketing video? How should I design this website? 

For many, the hardest part when it comes to undertaking a new project is getting started. This is true in conversation design as well. That is why we are thrilled to announce the launch our new Templates Library - a collection of downloadable, ready-made experiences designed to give you the inspiration and know-how to kickstart your vision.

From booking a sales call to creating a podcasting experience, you can now choose from a growing list of templates in our library to serve as the blueprint of your next project.

What are Voiceflow Templates? 

Introducing Voiceflow Templates

As the field of conversation experience design continues to grow, Voiceflow is committed to building tools, features and products to support both new and experienced designers alike.

Voiceflow templates are pre-built experiences that can be tailored to meet the needs of your next project. From flows and context models to reusable components and fleshed out prototypes, each interactive template is fully customizable and ready to test.

New to Voiceflow? Don't sweat it. We're here to support you with template tutorials, component breakdowns, and use-case recommendations to help you get started with ease. Each downloaded template is also equipped with the information you need to understand each design thanks to Voiceflow's canvas markup. Get step-by-step instructions on how each experience works including design steps, pro tips, and helpful links.

A resource for everyone

Starting from scratch can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Downloading a Voiceflow template is a great way to get your project up and running faster. Each pre-built template has been carefully designed to allow for quick and easy manipulation with the goal of increasing usability and reducing the time it takes to get started. With a growing list of use-cases to choose from, each template also works to support your vision by giving you a working example of what your experience could look like.

You can think of our templates as a way of turning abstract conversational experiences into tangible ones. On top of this, we have followed a design system that encourages consistency and scalability while also delivering interactive, functioning prototypes to simulate the experience as it might occur in real life. This can help you test and improve user flows, organize the structure of your design, and gain a big-picture understanding of what you're trying to build. This makes connecting the dots a lot easier, allowing you to plan out the next steps in the design process.

Downloading a template

To download a Voiceflow template, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Voiceflow Templates Library
  2. Choose a template
  3. Click "Start with Templates"
Downloading a Voiceflow Template from our library
  1. Sign into your Voiceflow account
  2. Copy the template to the workspace of your choosing
Copy the template to a workspace
  1. Click copy project
  2. Open the template once it is saved to your workspace
Open the template once it is saved to your workspace
  1. Dive in and start customizing your experience
A snapshot of our Company FAQ template

Finding a template to suit your needs

V1 of our templates library includes 12 free downloadable templates that can handle a variety of use-cases. Each project includes pre-built functionality and customizable components including steps and visuals. From the assistant responses to utterances, slots and variables, you can change, add, or remove anything on the canvas to meet your design requirements.

Below, we've selected two templates from our library to highlight the different use-cases you can build for: 

How to book a sales demos using voice and Google calendar

With this template, we make it easy for you to capture email, notes, and crucial information to book calls in your calendar. Using this voice/chat app, you'll be able to capture user information (Airtable) and transform it into a direct invite linked to a calendar (Zapier + Google Calendar).

This template is a great exercise for those looking to learn more about the API block, capturing user responses, and mapping user responses to variables that you can use later on in your experience.

Included in this template are all of the steps you'll need to design a basic booking flow. This project can also be used to create a variety of other experiences including:

  • Meeting & appointment scheduler
  • Event sign-up calendar
  • Lead capture for your business
Download this template

How to create a custom audio experience

Are you looking for a better way to showcase your online course or podcast? The custom audio experience is a multi-purpose template that makes it easy for you to catalog your content to match your business's brand. This flexible design was built with the user experience in mind, as it provides several intuitive options/paths the user can explore.

Using this template, you can upload and house recorded audio, add visuals, expand user menus, and use intents to catalogue your content while creating dynamic, repeatable pathways.  

Here are a few use-cases that can help support your design:

  • Interactive podcast experience for your brand or business
  • A running archive for university lectures (audio) 
  • Cook book + recipes using audio & visuals
  • Masterclass or course-based experience
Download this template

Ready to get started? 

We're committed to giving our users the greatest possible experience, so in the coming months, we'll be upgrading and adding to our Templates Library, as well as expanding our list of channels, use-cases, and skill levels.

What are you waiting for? Start creating, experimenting, and prototyping your next experience today at voiceflow.com/templates

💡 What type of use-cases and/or templates would you like us to build next? Submit your ideas here