What are Alexa Skills?

Alexa skills are apps built on top of Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa. Skills can be built either by Amazon, or, they can also be built by 3rd party Amazon Alexa skill builders. There are now over 100,000 Alexa skills, and more are being created every day. You can create your own Alexa skill for anything, from allowing customers to place orders through voice, handling customer questions, or playing interactive podcast content.

Who uses Alexa skills?

Alexa skills can be used by anyone with an Amazon Alexa device, the Amazon Alexa app, or any device that has incorporated Alexa. There are over 100 million Amazon Alexa devices worldwide, and thousands of hardware manufacturers who have incorporated Alexa into their own devices, including Volkswagen introducing Alexa into their Golf models.

Can I make money with Alexa skills?

Yes, you can make money with Alexa skills as an Alexa skills developer. Using features like In-Skills Purchasing and the Amazon Pay integration, you can sell digital services like extra downloadable content, and physical goods like clothing all using your voice.

How are Alexa skills built?

You can make Alexa skills by coding them and integrating with the Alexa Skills Kit. Alternatively, you can use Voiceflow which allows you to build Alexa skills visually by integrating into the Alexa Skills Kit and generating the code for you.

Create Alexa skills without coding

With Voiceflow, you can create custom Alexa skills without coding. Using Voiceflow's drag-and-drop tool, you can build simple, or very advanced Alexa skills for your own personal use, or to be published to the Amazon Alexa skill store where millions of people can find and use your skills. Voiceflow is built for both beginners and professional Alexa skill builders - and requires no coding.