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How BMW reduced prototyping time of their in-car voice apps by 50%

Joanne Szeto
June 6, 2022

“How can I help you?”

Speech-based interactions are becoming more important in the driving experience. To develop safe and user-friendly voice applications, the BMW Group needed to design and test voice dialogs in a fast and easy way.

Their past workflow for designing and prototyping voice dialogs required extensive manual effort. In order to move forward, BMW was seeking a tool that would help their innovations get on the road faster.

"The challenge today for teams creating conversational AI applications is that workflows are often siloed and slow due to a clear lack of adequate tooling.”

- Florian Roider, UX Researcher at BMW

The solution? BMW chose Voiceflow for the prototyping of their IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant) voice dialogs. Voiceflow enabled the design of high fidelity conversations, allowed rapid prototyping, live user testing, and offered agile handoff options to development teams.

The Result?

Florian Roider, Florian Weber & the BMW team reduced the prototyping time of their voice apps by 50% with Voiceflow, allowing the BMW team to easily design and test highly complex dialogs.

"In times of digital transformation, every innovation counts – not only in our products but also in our processes and tools. We think holistically to get our innovations on the road faster."

- Dr. Rudolf Bencker, Senior Vice President New Technologies and China at the BMW Group.

Voiceflow is currently used for pre-series prototyping of voice dialogs for the IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant). Its integration into the series development tool landscape will be investigated in 2022.

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