September Newsletter (2020)

Mark Ammendolia
September 30, 2020

Monthly Digest | September 2020

Over the last few months, Voiceflow's engineering team has been hard at work introducing our new channel-specific project experience, and preparing for new improvements to our Google integration. Our latest newsletter highlights these updates and more, so keep scrolling!

Here's what we've been working on:

Feature Release

Introducing Channel-Specific Projects

Since the inception of Voiceflow, our platform has been a tool where you can 'build once and publish everywhere.' With recent advancements to Alexa and the Google Assistant, it became increasingly important to expand our offering to keep up with new cutting-edge functionality. This introduced the need to establish a project's channel type when creating one.

With channel-specific projects, our goal is to let you build for Alexa or Google to parity with their complete feature sets. This opens the door for us to simplify future development, improve UX, and facilitate channel expansion down the road. 🙌

Additional Updates:

• Canvas Markup shortcuts: Hit 'T' to select the Text Markup tool. Hit 'I' to open Image Upload
• You can now change the width of your Text Markup
• Clicking on the Workspace Icon now opens your Workspace Settings  
• The 'Build' tab has been renamed to 'Launch'

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Product Updates

Enhanced Google Integration coming soon

Previously, uploading your Google project to Dialogflow was a complicated process that involved multiple steps and a less than ideal user flow. With the recent launch of the new Google Actions SDK, it was only fitting that we update our Google integration as well.

Now you can upload your actions directly to the Actions on Google Console in a few clicks. A faster, more user-friendly experience from start to finish.

Our new Google integration will also be featured at the Google Assistant Developer Day digital conference on Oct 8th. Click the link here to save your spot.

Stay tuned for the official launch of this feature in the coming weeks!


VF announces new Tutorial Experience

You can find all your favorite Voiceflow tutorials in one spot with the launch of our new Tutorial Experience. Learn the basics of conversation design, dive into logic and variable functions, and level-up with our API and Google Sheets integrations - all in an easily digestible format.

With more than 14 tutorials to choose from, our new streaming experience caters to all skill levels, whether you're new to Voiceflow or well on your way.

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Why No Code is Important for All Ages

In this webinar, we sat down with Nelson Abalos Jr. - Customer Support Specialist at Webflow (Pixelgeek) - to discuss how he first discovered No Code and how it impacts people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Check out the rest of this month’s events, now available to stream:

How to Handle User Errors with and Alexa | Fix It Hour with Nico

In this session, we show you how to handle "sorry I didn't hear that," and other errors that occur in voice. Using tools like and Voiceflow, handle complex asks from your user and get them back onto their happy path.

Workshop | 64 mins | Stream now

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Everything you need to know about Conversation Design | Blog

From the evolution of conversation design to creating a well-rounded VUI designer portfolio, we assembled some of the best questions/answers from our AMA with Cathy Pearl, Head of Conversation Design Outreach at Google.

Produced by Mark Ammendolia | 20 mins

6 Ways to Build Context into your Conversation Designs | Blog

Tips on building natural and engaging conversation designs using Voiceflow's context model from Voiceflow's CEO and co-founder Braden Ream.

Written by Braden Ream | 16 mins

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What's coming up?

Product: Enhanced prototyping, channel expansion, coming soon

Events: Google Assistant Developer Day, sign up

Community: Get involved with our community docs or forum, learn more

Education: Ready to start your learning journey? Watch our tutorials here