An overview on how to manage feedback and reviews from your team.

Posting a Comment

You can use comments to collaborate on projects with workspace teammates. To post a comment, click the message icon on the project’s top menu. Once you’ve entered commenting mode, you can click a spot on the canvas to leave your comment. You can affix a comment anywhere on the canvas, including blocks and steps.

Note: You can use hotkeys to open [C] and close [Esc] commenting mode.

Modifying a Comment

You can edit or delete your existing comments by clicking the ellipses icon. Only you can edit or delete your posted comments.

Tagging Team Members

If you want to tag a teammate in your comment, type @ into the comment input. You should see a list of the teammates you can tag for that project. Once you’ve posted your tagged comment, your teammate will be notified by email with a preview of your message.


When a comment is created, it’ll show up in the threads section of the comments modal. Threads are used to organize comments by topic and can be sorted by their status (Open and Resolved). You can toggle between Open and Resolved threads via the dropdown in the comment modal.

Resolving Comments

You can “close” a comment thread by hitting the checkmark icon in a comment thread. This indicates to your team that the issue being communicated is resolved.

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