Real-time Collaboration

An overview how you can work synchronously with your team members to design and edit your projects.


Conversation designers know first-hand how hard effective collaboration can be. Just ask them to recall the days when conversation design collaboration required passing around flowcharts and diagram files.

Moreover, the assistant & conversation design process is made up of many moving parts. Beyond crafting interfaces, designers must also collaborate with team members and stakeholders, build systems, manage feedback, and consistently iterate to keep the process running smoothly.

Being able to work on the same file at the same time is fundamental to true collaboration & effective conversation design. Without it, working as a team on a big assistant can be cumbersome and slow.

Real-Time Editing

Voiceflow lets you and your team collaborate on projects in real-time. You can see which other teammates are working on the same project as you in the top menu. Hovering over a teammate’s avatar will show you their full name.

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re collaborating with someone is their mouse cursor. We show the cursor and selection of all active participants because it provides important context. Who else is here? Where are they working?

Cursors can come in handy for other things too, such as waving your cursor around to get someone’s attention or placing your cursor by an object to point at it.

Collaborating on Steps

In order to prevent data corruption, step content can be modified by one collaborator at a time. The first person to open a step’s editor will lock out other collaborators until they have finished their edits.

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