How to design your assistant on Voiceflow.


An overview on how to organize your project around topics and domains.


Topics are a way of organizing project content into subject-matter or domain focused views. This lets you focus what you see on-canvas, ensuring that designs are easy to navigate, even as projects grow in complexity.

Create a Topic

Access your project’s Topics in the Layers menu. To create a new Topic, hit the + icon.

Once created, you can set a name for the Topic. You can choose to rename the Topic at a later time. Simply right-click the Topic and select ‘Rename’ in the options.

Note: as this feature is in beta, it is only available on new projects. To get started with Topics on existing projects, duplicate your existing project on your Workspace Dashboard.

Linking Topics

When you create a new Topic, an Intent step is automatically added on Canvas. Topics are triggered by the Intents contained within it. Once you select your Intent, you’ll see it nested under the Topic in your Layers menu.

If you open the same drop-down menu within a Layer, you can see what Intents are contained within that Layer of your project canvas.

Tip: For fast navigation across your Topic’s design, click through its nested Intents. The canvas will snap to the selected Intent’s location.

You can localize your project intents and control whether your intents can be accessed from other topics by toggling 'Available from other topics' function on or off.

You will notice the visual icon in the Intent step updating with the toggle, to indicate if your Intent is global or localized to the Topic.

Note: When configuring the Intent step, you can choose to make the Intent global (across the whole project) or local to your Topic. Local intents are only accessible to users already in this Topic’s conversation path.

Using Topics, you can now organize your projects into different layers and giving you added flexibility around managing your Intents and project functions.

Converting legacy projects

Note: Topics and Components are replacing legacy functionality in the canvas known as 'Flows' and the 'Flow' step.

To convert your legacy ‘flow’ project to Topics and Components (flows), simply create a duplicate of an existing project from the main Dashboard.

The duplicated project will be automatically converted to the new project structure utilizing Topics and Components (flows). Once converted, you’ll see your Home flow under the Topics menu. All other flows will be converted as Components.

Tip: To convert a Component into a Topic, right-click on the Component and select the ‘Convert to Topic’ option in the menu.
Note: Legacy projects will be supported until the end of March, 2022. After this time, all projects will be auto-migrated to the Topics and Components structure. Reach out to your customer success manager for more information.

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