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Project Versioning

An overview on how to create, manage and restore versions of your project.

Create a Version

Versioning lets you save an official snapshot of your project at a chosen point in time. You can use versions to document a project’s life cycle so you can view or revert back to it later.

To create a version, use the keyboard shortcut Shift + ⌘ + S (Shift + Ctrl + S on Windows). Enter your version name and hit Save.

View and Restore a Version

To view your project’s versions, click Project Settings in the left sidebar or by inputting keyboard numerical shortcut (4) on the main canvas screen.

When you access the Versions tab, you’ll see a list of all your project historic versions, date it was created and who from your workspace created it.

If you want to roll back to a version, click the blue Restore Version icon (next to Preview). Note that this action can NOT be undone. Make sure you’ve previewed the version and confirmed this sequence, and are expecting overwriting of your recent version(s)/change(s) before reverting.

Tip: Hit Preview to view the version’s content in a new tab.

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