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FAQs - Prototyping

Get answers to common and frequently asked prototyping & testing on Voiceflow questions.

What is the best way to get feedback on my Voiceflow Design?

To collaborate with other stakeholders on Voiceflow, you can use any of the following options.

  1. Invite other team members as Viewers to your project. Viewers are able to see the design, leave comments, add markup, and run a prototype. They are not able to edit or modify the flow or click on the individual blocks. This is ideal if you want other team members to see and leave feedback on your design. Instructions on how to invite collaborators to your project can be found here.
  2. Create a sharable version of your prototype and send it out for feedback. This option is ideal for testing & prototyping with test users or anyone external to your team. For instructions on how to generate a ‘sharable’ prototype. See the blog post here.

Find additional documentation and information about Managing Workspace members here.

How can I share my prototype EXTERNALLY with USERS that I want feedback from?

If you are looking to get feedback from end-users/consumers of your project or experience in Voiceflow, you can simply share a prototype link with them, without having to invite them to the canvas.

This means you can create a sharable version of your prototype and send it out for feedback. This option is ideal for testing & prototyping with test users or anyone external to your team.

  1. Hover over to the Share button on the top right corner
  2. Go to the Share Prototype tab
  3. Choose your test type of choice (Text or Voice)
  4. Edit the branding and appearance
  5. Copy link and share with the team/user

Find instructions on how to share prototypes here or see the blog post here on creating sharable prototypes.

Can I use voice to test my prototype?

When running a prototype in the Voiceflow Creator tool, you can select between Voice, Text, or Button input. You can change the input method by clicking the buttons on the prototype tool.

When generating a sharable prototype, you can generate one with any of the following options depending on your project type. You can watch a quick video walkthrough of this here.

For Chat Assistant projects, you can generate a chat input or voice input sharable prototype.

For Voice Assistant projects, you can generate a chat input, voice input, or voice and visuals sharable prototype.

For further documentation on Sharable Prototypes you can navigate here.

Can I prototype without having to use variables in my project?

To use a Logic step without needing to include or set up your variables, you can turn on the Guided Navigation setting by following the instructions here.

My project is broken! Is doesn’t match to what I want it to match to. Why?

There are a variety of reasons why your project isn't matching appropriately. It may range from intent conflicts to paths not connecting or no-match/reply invoking when not desired. Here's a great place to start to follow the steps to debug your project.

When testing, Why is my desired intent not matching or being invoked?

To understand why your desired intent is not being called on, matching or being invoked, it's important to understand the fundamental concepts of NLU/NLP in order to better debug these situations your project. 

The most common reason your desired intent is not matching is due to a low confidence interval. Here are some scenarios where this occurs:

  • Empty and/or not enough utterances
  • Intent conflicts with similar/duplicate utterances in other intents and/or entities
  • Your Interaction Model/Project is not trained before testing
  • Your intent may be local to a topic and/or flow (component) and cannot be invoked

You can check how confidently your project's Interaction Model & its respective intents are being filled by configuring your Test Settings and turning on the Intent Confidence Score setting.

When testing, why is my DESIRED entity not being triggered or filled?

To debug if or why your entity is not being filled or saved, you will need to run the project with the Variables testing menu open. You can also turn on Debug Mode and Intent Confidence Score under Test Settings to see a flow of events.

What is the best way to do moderated or unmoderated user testing?

You can accomplish both moderated and unmoderated testing on Voiceflow.

For moderated testing, you can run a live test and update the project in real-time based on the user’s response, to get the desired result. The prototype gets updated as the project updates.

For unmoderated testing, you can simply share the prototype link directly with the test participant or share the link on a third party platform for the users to run the test when desired. Learn more about unmoderated testing here.

For instructions on how to share a prototype link, you can navigate here.

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