Sharable Prototypes

An overview on how to share interactive prototypes for your project.

Sharing a Prototype

You can share your prototype with testers by generating a shareable link in your project. Testers won’t need a Voiceflow account to access a prototype link.

To generate a link, click the Share button on your project’s top bar. In the Share Prototype tab, you can customize your prototype and generate a link. Once you’ve finished customization, click Copy Link to copy the prototype link to your clipboard.

If you want to test the prototype yourself, hit ‘Open Link in New Tab’ to launch the prototype in a new tab.

Test Type

When generating a prototype link, you can choose how testers can interact with your prototype assistant:

Chat - Accepts test and button inputs

Voice - Accepts voice and buttons

Voice and Visuals - Accepts voice only

Appearance Customization

Customise your prototype to match your brand’s look and feel. You can choose your prototype assistant’s:

Colour - Applied to buttons and message bubbles

Brand Image - A logo or image shown in your prototype

Message Icon - Your assistant’s inline icon

Password Protection

Add a password to your prototype to ensure it is only accessible to your intended testers. Use the Password Protection input to set a password for your prototype before copying the link.

Applying a Prototype Persona with Variable States

Variable States let you craft focused test experiences for your prototype users. 

Simply select a Variable State to apply to your shareable prototype and generate a link

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