Full documentation on how to use Voiceflow in your conversation design projects and how you and your team can design, prototype, and launch to any channel.

Organizing your workspace

An overview on how to create workspaces, organize your lists, and manage your projects.


A workspace is the home for all of your Voiceflow projects & added team members, and will allow you to organize your work in whatever way you choose.

By default, when you open or log into Voiceflow Creator Tool on browser or the Voiceflow Desktop App, you will see your dashboard populated with projects from your last used workspace.

Any projects created here will be available for all team members on the workspace, and roles set for team members will be applied across all projects. Additionally, any plan purchased for Voiceflow will be applied to that workspace.

Creating Workspaces

When getting started with Voiceflow, your first workspace will be created as part of your user onboarding!

To create a new workspace, select 'Create a new workspace' from the workspace dropdown menu. This will take you to the workspace creation flow, where you will need to provide the following information:

  • Workspace name, with an option icon
  • Invite any team members you have as editors
  • Enter your payment details (additional workspaces require you to purchase a plan)
Note: Each workspace is considered an instance at Voiceflow. Therefore to access or create multiple workspaces, you will need to upgrade each instance subsequently under Starter and Pro subscriptions.

If you have additional workspaces under your account, you can navigate to other workspaces by clicking on your workspace's name, and selecting another from the dropdown.

Workspace Lists

The choice is yours! A workspace is organized with a kanban-style board system. This allows you to organize your projects into groups (lists) based on the criteria most applicable to you (ie. by status, by topic, by team, etc.).

You can add new lists by scrolling over and clicking the '+' button next to your right-most list.

Lists and projects can be re-organized by clicking-and-dragging them to change their order. To rename a list, double-click on the title to edit.

This means you are able to manage projects with lists and are able to drag and move projects to the section most appropriate to you and your workflow. You can do so by Click + Hold and Drag your project until you see an outline appear to the desired list in where your project would sit.

Managing Projects

Individual projects have several settings that you can manage at the workspace-level. To access this menu, hover over your desired project's icon located on the left-side of the section (next to the project-name and type) until you see the '...' icon replace the project icon.

For all projects within your workspace, you can take the following actions to manage individual projects via the '...' menu:

  • View the version history for this project
  • Rename your project
  • Create a duplicate copy of the project (will create a duplicated project in the same list with 'COPY' in its name)
  • Copy a clone link to your clipboard to import into other workspaces
  • Delete your selected project

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