We’re a software technology company based in Berlin, founded in January 2018 by the team that created the award-winning to-do app.

Our mission is to save millions of hours of productivity wasted every day. We use modern web technologies, data integrations, and team-oriented features to empower true collaboration, knowledge sharing, and better decision making.

Our Investors

Tony Conrad

Partner at True Ventures


Amazon Alexa Fund

Matt Cohen

Partner at Ripple Ventures

Adam McNamara

Partner at Ramen Ventures

Ryan Hoover

Weekend Fund

Elizabeth Yin

GP at Hustle Fund

Brianne Kimmel

Former GMT Strategy at Zendesk

Clark Valberg

Cofounder and CEO, Invision

Kevin Hartz

Cofounder, Eventbrite

Heather Payne

CEO at Juno

Ryan Hoover

Founder of Product Hunt

Vlad Magdalin

Cofounder and CEO Webflow

Open positions