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Style guide

This page is used to catalog symbols and components to be reused, and can also be used to house deprecated sections or content.
⚡ When using custom CSS classes in HTML Embed elements, copy an element onto this page, using the custom class. This will prevent the class from being deleted when cleaning up unused styles in the Style Manager.
💾 This style guide page should be saved as a Draft at all times, in order to keep it hidden from the public.
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"With Voiceflow we were able to quickly prototype real, personalized, user experiences that would have otherwise required our engineers to build them into production code."

Doug DeMarco

Design Manager, Spotify

Code snippets
▶ In order to add a shorter inline code snippet inside a paragraph, add the following tag just before the snippet:

{% c-line %}

and add the following snippet immediately after the code snippet:

{% c-line-end %}

Styling for inline tags is managed within the Webflow Designer, and can be modified by editing the inline-code span. Click and select the inline-code span to edit.

* Do not use bold styling or line breaks when using inline code snippet tags.

This is a test of an inline code snippet like this: {% c-line %}$('.w-lightbox').click(function(){% c-line-end %}.

▶ This is an example of a code block to be used inside rich text fields or paragraphs. To add syntax highlighting for a code block to rich text, add the following tag before the code block inside the paragraph:

{% c-block language="js" %}

and add the following snippet after the code snippet:

{% c-block-end %}

* You can use SHIFT+SPACE to add non-breaking spaces to indent lines as necessary, and you must use SHIFT+ENTER to add line breaks.

* Do not use bold styling when using code block tags.

This is a test of the highlight.js function.
{% c-block language="js" %}
var Webflow = Webflow || [];
Webflow.push(function() {

  // When a lightbox is clicked
  $('.w-lightbox').click(function() {

    // Get the data-caption attribute from the lightbox
    caption = $(this).data('caption');

    // If caption is missing, do nothing
    if(typeof caption == 'undefined' || caption == '') return;

    // Remove the existing caption (if any)

    // Append the caption into the lightbox after a split second
    setTimeout(function() {
      $('.w-lightbox-figure').append('<figcaption class="w-lightbox-caption">'+caption+'</figcaption>');
    }, 500);


}); // End ready function
{% c-block-end %}

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