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How to build a multimodal cooking assistant using APL

Everyone can use a little help in the kitchen. The Cooking Assistant template is a hands-free experience that connects you with the perfect recipes for your next meal.
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By offering three distinct menus (regular, vegetarian, and gluten-free) and the ability to search by recipe name, ingredient, or type of meal, the Cooking Assistant template is a flexible experience that makes finding the right recipe quick and effortless.

At its core, this template works by retrieving relevant recipe information from an Airtable base by referencing data (user responses) stored in the experience. This project also leverages APL or Alexa Presentation Language to create an engaging visual experience that supports graphics and images. By uploading your project to the Alexa Developer Console, you can interact and test your visuals on any multimodal Alexa-enabled device.

This template will teach you: 

  • Use open intents to improve scalability and search flexibility
  • Retrieve information from a custom database using the Airtable API
  • Enhance the cooking assistant experience by adding custom visuals using APL
  • Harness the power of variables to dynamically store data

*There are no visual components included in this template for Google Assistant*

Marina Moreno
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