Flows & Commands

Leveraging the power of Flows and Commands in Voiceflow

For Intermediate Builders
Mark Ammendolia
Content Manager

What you'll learn

This tutorial focuses on flows and commands. Flows are reusable components that we can use to break up and modularize our conversations. Commands allow the user to jump away from the conversation for a moment - to ask a question or complete a task - and then jump right back to the same spot in their conversation. Topics covered in this tutorial:

Topics covered include:

1. Understanding Flows
2. Creating a Flow
3. Subflows
4. Reusing Flows in your project
5. Command Flows

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The API Block

How to use Voiceflow's API Integration.

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The Intent Block

Create nonlinear conversations with the Intent Block.

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Uploading to the Google Actions Console

Uploading your project to the Google Actions Console

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