Prototyping: Debugging and Sharing

How to test and debug your projects using Voiceflow's prototyping tool.

For Beginners
Mark Ammendolia
Content Manager

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we go over the prototype tab and how to test your projects in the browser. Then, we show you how to debug your project using our test tool. Finally, we walk through how to create a shareable test link of your experience that you can send to anyone - meaning you don't need to have a Voiceflow account to access the link.

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The Prompt Step

Create nonlinear conversations using the Prompt Step.

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The Choice Block: intents, utterances and slots (Part 1)

The Choice Block/Step explained. We then break down intents and utterances and how to use them.

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The API Block

How to use Voiceflow's API Integration.

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