Conversation Design Series: Jed Esposito

Friday, June 19, 2020
10:30AM PDT / 1:30PM EST

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Conversation Designer Series

In this series, we sit down with leading conversation designers from around the globe. Tackling everything from how they got started, best practices, and expert advice moving forward.

Tune in as Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow, sits down with Jed Esposito of Amazon to talk about how journey with voice and how he went from marketing to voice design, to now creating learning materials for professionals to do the same.

This week's special guest

Jed Esposito

Learning Program Manager at Amazon

Jed builds internal and external online learning material for After a fantastic stint with the Alexa Developer Marketing team, he fell in love with designing for voice and left briefly to do some voice design work with Chefsteps. In his spare time, Jed can be found spending time with his brand new baby girl, cooking something delicious, or re-teaching himself tenor saxophone.

Emily Lonetto‍

Head of Growth at Voiceflow

Having previously grown communities at Clio, GrowthTO, PartnerStack, and Tilt (acq. by Airbnb), Emily approaches growth from both a product and community lens. Originally joining the Voiceflow team as an advisor back when they were known as Storyflow, she's helped scale and manage growth marketing, community, and partnerships at Voiceflow.

What can you expect by attending?

  • Expert advice from conversation designers
  • Tips on how to hone your craft as a conversation designer or developer
  • Insider information on how the best in class optimize their team workflow
  • Q&A with the special guests

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