How to scale a conversation design workflow with your team ft. Peter Isaacs

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
2:00PM PDT / 5:00PM EDT

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Peter just scaled the conversation design workflow with his team at WooliesX

Hear how he did it & his tips for others looking to do the same.

In this AMA, Peter Isaacs from WooliesX joins Sam Burns from Voiceflow to share his thoughts on scaling a conversation design workflow with a team after he recently led the process internally.

In this workshop with Peter Isaacs, you'll get:

  • a chance to ask Peter questions live
  • an understanding of how a conversation designer can champion a new workflow
  • the opportunity to hear and learn from the conversational AI community
This workshop series is live & open to anyone who is looking to ask questions and learn from industry leaders.

About Peter

Peter Isaacs is a conversation designer at WooliesX - the innovation arm of Woolworth’s Group - a portfolio of Australian & New Zealand consumer brands. His team actively designs and launches conversational AI experiences for IVR, chat, and more across food, and financial industries.

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