Introducing Voiceflow's GPT-powered AI Builder

As AI advances at breakneck speed, there's a great deal of anxiety around where things are headed and how best to integrate this technology. This is especially true with so many companies restricting the use of ChatGPT for security reasons.

That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce our GPT-powered AI Builder. Experiment with large language models (LLMs), try prompt chaining, generate an instant assistant, create without constraints.

AI Builder is your enterprise playground with guardrails—a place for teams to build and deploy what was previously impossible.

What can you do with AI Builder?

All of this is within Voiceflow's collaborative, secure enterprise platform—trusted by many in the Fortune 500.

Create an instant assistant

If you can upload a PDF, you can build a GPT-powered chatbot. Really—it’s all possible with Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base responses can be used as a general-purpose fallback to provide contextual answers where you haven't designed intents and responses. With knowledge base, minimize time and configuration needed to have a functional assistant.

Supercharge your workflow with generative AI

Accelerate your conversation design workflow using Generative Tasks to generate response variations, utterances, entities and synonyms, and no-match/no reply responses. Prepare and uncover conversation edge cases using AI Freestyle by having the assistant take over and push the user back to their original intent when they’re off a happy path.

Experiment with prompt chaining

Response AI Step is an AI-powered step to dynamically generate user responses. Give the step a prompt (e.g. “Write a greeting”) and it will generate response content (e.g. “Hi there!”). Response AI Step enables you to design faster and easier. Because why not let the assistant handle all the repetitive work?

LLM functions allow you to dynamically set variables in your assistant based on a prompt that you provide. These variables get set in real-time on the runtime of each session with your assistant. You can now pass a prompt into GPT, and save the result back as a variable, in order to unlock use cases like:

  • Branch logic based on prompt results
  • Classify user utterances without NLU data
  • Validate and clean up your data in real-time

This is powerful because you can inform new flows or actions within your project—let prompt chaining not just to generate response content, but also prompt values to build logical paths in your projects. Ultimately, Response AI Step and LLM functions enable you to experiment with LLM-generated assistant responses. Test these in your prototypes to understand how dynamic and contextual responses would behave.

Give your bot memory

On top of prompt chaining, enable our conversation memory feature on our Response AI Step or LLM functions to automatically have context on:

  • What the user has been asking
  • Specific entries or topics they mentioned
  • Responses the assistant provided and even the tone of the conversation and persona of the assistant

How to get started with AI Builder

Take these three quick steps:

  1. Sign up for Voiceflow
  2. Create a new assistant
  3. Select the “Build AI Assistant” project type. Once you’re dropped into the canvas, you’ll see that the AI features are enabled and ready for you to try.


Looking for inspiration? Use one of our templates:

  1. Customer support automation — create a dynamic GPT-powered support assistant to answer customer questions before an agent transfer.
  2. Travel assistant — create your own travel assistant to help you book a flight or make an itinerary.
  3. Sales agent — build a retail sales agent for The Running Room to help your customers find the perfect pair of running shoes.
  4. Character role play — try personas with this AI assistant that can discuss any topic as a historical (or fictional) character.
  5. Conversational knowledge bases — set up a chatbot that can talk to any website, webpage, or document you want to deliver custom experiences.

What will you build?

We believe in the power of AI to unlock what was previously impossible. As we continue to get new AI capabilities in your hands, we want to know: What will you build?


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