How To build a discord bot with Voiceflow

Discord has evolved from a platform that was mostly popular with gamers and exploded into the mainstream as a place to house any kind of community. The platform has more than 150 million active users each month — up from 56 million in 2019.

As with any community platform, automating the activation and engagement of users can help onboard new members to servers faster, help communicate updates quicker, and create a more inviting overall experience in each server you are a part of.

Discord users are creating bots that welcome new users, bots that keep spammers out of servers, polling bots, music bots, security bots - anything you can think of, there is probably a Discord bot for that....

Or maybe there isn’t and you want to build it. Well you’re in luck, we’ll detail how to build a Discord bot for free using Voiceflow. Let’s dive in.

🚧 Before you start, make sure you've done these two things:
1. Set up a Discord bot on your Discord server.
Created a Voiceflow project. You need to first build a chat project on Voiceflow.


To obtain your versionID you have to go to your Voiceflow Project:

Find VersionID

Then copy the VERSION_ID from the URL in your address bar. When you are inside a Voiceflow project, your address bar should have a URL of the form: {% c-line %}{VERSION_ID}/...{% c-line-end %}


To obtain the Workspace API Key we have to go to our workspace where we have created our General Project. After this, we have to append to the URL /api-keys:

Video Walkthrough Of Discord Integration

Source Code From The Video

Create Your Free Discord Bot Today

Getting started with your first Discord bot is as simple as creating your free Voiceflow account and having a Discord server.

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