5 powerful templates for AI automation agencies

AI automation agencies constantly deal with a whole lot of requests. Building website chatbots, running customer support on autopilot, automating lead generation—the list is long.

We know managing all these requests is a ton of work. So to help kickstart your next project, we’ve rounded up a collection of templates. To get started: pick a template below, clone it to your Voiceflow workspace, watch the tutorial, and refine the flow so it works for you and your client.

1. Automate lead generation with Zapier and Voiceflow

Sourced from Voiceflow’s Discord community, Vinera AI created a chatbot that automates sending lead information into a Google spreadsheet using our API step and Zapier. Vinera AI partners with businesses to maximize efficiency through AI-powered tools. By leveraging chatbots, automations, and more, they help companies reclaim valuable time and resources.

Get the template here.

2. Automate your Zendesk ticket creation

This template walks through how to create a chatbot that sends a ticket to Zendesk. It shows you how to use our API step to call the Zendesk ticket API and you might use our API step to retrieve user information from a database to execute plan routing.

Get the template here.

3. Create an AI feature recommender powered by your own sources

Level up your support assistant project with a built-in feature recommender. This assistant will take a customer’s goals, then recommend specific products in your client’s catalog accordingly. Best of all, cut down your creation time by uploading sources in the form of a website or document into our knowledge base to power your assistant’s responses.

Get the template here.

4. Create an AI FAQ that recommends sources

Learn how to use Voiceflow’s knowledge base API to unlock advanced functionalities such as including the source that a response came from. Add the source as a card that the user can then navigate to.

Get the template here.

5. AI analytics summary

Create an AI analytics summary bot that takes complex information (e.g. from a report or dashboard) and transforms it into something digestible for the user. Using our template, pull information from an API, then let GPT summarize it to the user.

Get the template here.

Community templates—built by you, for you

Below, you'll find templates built by various AI automation agencies in our community. Browse from this list of use cases, from building a lead generation bot to creating a WhatsApp AI assistant for a local business.

1. Integrating StackAI with Voiceflow for a Youtube AI bot

Creator RedAI walks through how to power responses in your chatbot from a Youtube video using StackAI and Voiceflow.

2. Building an AI automation chatbot for e-commerce

Join creator erdinc to create an e-commerce focused AI automation chatbot using Zapier and Voiceflow.

3. Building a martial arts AI chatbot

Follow RedAI’s live build of a lead capture AI chatbot for a martial arts company using Voiceflow and Zapier.

4. Building a WhatsApp AI customer service chatbot for a local business in 4 minutes with Voiceflow

Vinera AI dives into a four-minute tutorial to build a WhatsApp AI chatbot for dental practices using Voiceflow. This chatbot enhances customer service, facilitates appointment bookings, and answers patients' queries instantly.


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