Introducing Voiceflow’s new brand

Today we’re launching Voiceflow’s new brand. 

It reflects our transformation over the past two years from standalone conversation design tool to fullstack conversational AI platform. 

Our goal is to help ambitious teams not only design AI Agents, but build, launch, and scale those same designs into production. This is possible all inside Voiceflow, without stitching together other platforms, for use cases like customer support and more.

As we grow Voiceflow’s end-to-end capabilities, our conversation design solution continues to improve with it. Conversation design tooling is going to be increasingly important to AI Agents because the tighter the gap between design’s vision and development’s output, the better end user experience. We aim to bridge this gap entirely with our leading conversation design tool and production developer platform.

Since launching Voiceflow’s end-to-end platform, we’ve helped thousands of customers automate over one billion messages for customer support and more. And, we’ve seen customer success stories like Trilogy who is building AI Agents on Voiceflow and now automating over 60% of their L1 & L2 customer support. 

With these growing capabilities came the need for a refreshed brand. One that reflected the constant evolution of our platform, and our industry.

Our new brand

Our new logo represents endless scalability, perpetual power, and everlasting fun. 

Its movement on an axis is a nod to constant change around a central workflow. This reflects the reality many teams face. Their needs and technologies are always changing, but their ability to build and scale is anchored in a collaborative, technology-agnostic platform like Voiceflow.

Our new visual language speaks to our increased focus on empowering developers. We believe developers have an incredibly important role to play in building AI Agents that no no-code tool can replace. Developers need the ability to customize and extend their agent to meet the unique needs of their team and use cases outside of what any platform can provide natively. 

By making technology people love to use, we help designers, developers, and their teams uncover the potential of what human-machine interactions can be — intuitive, personalized, and empowering. 

Why now

We’ve been fortunate to build a great brand in a competitive space with thousands of loyal customers. So, you might ask, why change?

Our past brand was built on conversation design and no-code tooling. This hid the complete power of Voiceflow as a full stack platform for many teams. We heard time and time again that existing users were surprised to hear that Voiceflow could be used not only for design and prototyping, but launching and hosting AI Agents.

So, we are using this refreshed look as a moment of reintroduction to Voiceflow. We’re still the leading conversation design platform, but we’re also so much more than that.

In case you missed an update over the past year, I wanted to give you just a taste of some of the highlights from just the past 12 months.

  • AI Knowledge Base to train AI Agents on your data, with syncing functionality
  • Content Management System for AI Agent content and responses
  • OpenAI and Anthropic native model integrations (GPT-4, Claude 3 etc)
  • Developer APIs for Knowledge Base, FAQs, Dialog Management, and more
  • Open-source web chat widget to launch AI Agents to any site easily
  • Webchat extensions to customize any webchat response interface
  • AI vendor flexibility through an API integration
  • Transcript memory toggles to allow for easy LLM transcript ingestion
  • Analytics and Transcripts APIs to pipe production data to any BI tool

Alongside hundreds of other smaller updates.

What’s next?

This is going to be another exciting year for Voiceflow and our customers. While our look has changed, our commitment to building an ambitious product for equally ambitious customers has not. 
We know conversation designers and developers are shaping the future of communication. They do their best work when they can work together. This is what really drives us: connecting people — in the platform, across teams, within organizations, and most of all, throughout our industry. 

You can expect many more updates in the coming weeks and months. If you haven’t evaluated Voiceflow in a while, this is your invitation to give us another look.



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