Voiceflow raises another $15M to enable the future of collaborative AI agent building

We’re excited to announce Voiceflow has raised a new funding round of $15M USD, led by OpenView Venture Partners, at a valuation of $105M. This is a 50% increase in valuation from our last round, and to date we've now raised $35M.

Our mission at Voiceflow is to make it easy for teams to collaboratively build AI agents to automate any use case, from customer support to internal task automation. We are building the world’s largest platform and community for people building AI agents.

We spent the past two years building the best conversation design platform to help teams upgrade their spreadsheet-driven design workflows to a modern platform to design and build AI agents. We successfully built “the Figma for conversational interfaces” and we’re proud that 130,000 people worldwide—including a large chunk of the Fortune 500 such as Amazon, BMW, and US Bank—use Voiceflow to design AI agents millions use everyday. Last year we grew our enterprise revenues by nearly 3x, and in just the first six months of 2023, we’ve doubled Voiceflow’s monthly, weekly, and daily active user count.

Today, Voiceflow is best known for its conversation design platform, which helps customers design and prototype AI agents and hand off finalized designs to development teams who implement them in conversational AI platforms. In a recent industry survey on conversation design, 64% of respondents had experience with Voiceflow, tied with Google’s leading 13-year-old agent building platform, Dialogflow.

But customers want more from Voiceflow. We’re constantly asked when Voiceflow will be more than just design, and extend our leading conversation design platform to be an end-to-end conversational AI platform. Well, over the past six months, we’ve quietly (and not so quietly) been launching our end-to-end conversational AI platform features, including:

  • LLM-powered knowledge base
  • Agent publishing and versioning
  • Dialog Management API
  • Analytics
  • Conversation transcripts
  • Customizable web chat widget

And there's much more coming. Customers have been asking us to do more—or, in their words, to “save them” from the horrific developer experiences offered by legacy platforms like Dialogflow, IBM Watson, AWS Lex, and others.

We heard you, and our plan with this funding round is to do just that. We’ll be investing further in Voiceflow’s end-to-end agent building and hosting capabilities to take on the big platforms and be not just the best conversation design platform, but the best conversational AI platform. Our goal is for customers to be able to collaboratively design, build, launch, and scale AI agents to automate anything—from customer support to in-app assistants, and so much more.

Onwards! Together, we have a lot to build.


Introducing Voiceflow's GPT-powered AI Builder

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