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How to use the API step to create a stock search experience

The Stock Search template helps you find up-to-date market quotes in just a few seconds.

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Voice Assistant, Chatbot Assistant
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Marina Moreno
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Say hello to Stock Search - an API-powered template for finding pricing information about any stock on the S&P 500. Stock Search allows you to fetch specific information about a stock's price, such as the open, close, high/low, and current market price.

This template works by capturing the user's intention through a combination of capture and intent steps. A GET request is then used to retrieve specific stock information requested by the user. Try it yourself by downloading it above!

This template will teach you: 

  • How to configure your API step to initiate a GET request
  • How to map and reuse variables in your experience
  • How to create a dynamic API link using a variable
  • When to use different user inputs to capture the user's response

💡 What else can you build with this template?

The Stock Search template makes it easy to pull specific information from a database using an API call. Here are a few experiences that follow a similar design:

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