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$40 per editor/m

Billed annually or $50 month-to-month

Unlimited assistants
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1 workspace
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Custom pricing (annual)

Unlimited assistants
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Private cloud hosting
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$40 per editor/m

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Design & Collaboration

Number of workspaces

A workspace is the home for all of your assistants & added team members, and will allow you to organize your work in whatever way you choose.




Number of assistants

Assistants stored within a workspace  that can be viewed and edited by all users in a workspace.





Editors are people who have been invited to view, edit, and contribute design content in your workspace.



Starting at 5 Editors


Individuals who have been invited to view a design and leave comments, test a prototype, but have not been invited to join your workspace.




Intents, entities, and variables

Design conversational experiences with NLU-based intents, entities, and variables from any NLU model.

Business Logic

Gives you ability to create and run conditional logic inside your project.

Chat interface design

Design for voice interfaces with built-in text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Voice interface design

Design for voice interfaces with built-in text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR).

SSML support

Layer custom Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) with text-to-speech (TTS).

Multi-modal support

Design using multiple modes of input (ex. voice control, voice command, touch screens) and output (speech synthesis, graphics, pre-recorded audio).


Organize your content into subject-matter or domain focused views as projects grow in complexity to ensure designs are easy to navigate.

Reusable components

Create conversational components that can be reused across your design.

Context layering

Reuse the same Intents in multiple contexts without conflict

Context scoping

Scope Intents to only be triggerable in certain contexts.

Version history

A timeline of all changes made by collaborators on a design project within canvas.

7 days

30 days


No match replies

Create contextual no-match responses for when users stray from the path.

No response replies

Create contextual no-reply responses for when users don't reply.

Escalating reprompts

Escalating reprompts are sequences of contextualized responses for when the user doesn't respond

Canvas sticky notes

Add sticky notes directly on the canvas.

Canvas annotation

Mark and annotate your canvas with text and images.

Real-time collaboration

Work with others in real-time, with live presence, @mentions, and comments.

JSON exports

Export Voiceflow designs in JSON format.

PDF/ PNG exports

Export Voiceflow designs as a PDF/PNG.

CSV exports

Export Voiceflow designs as a CSV.

Prototype & User Testing

Custom prototype links

Create links to your prototypes to share with specific individuals or groups.

Personalize tests with live data

Connect your Assistant to live data using APIs.

Branded prototypes

Customize your prototype appearance and imagery.

Voiceflow branded

Basic customization

Full CSS

Prototype duration

How long prototype links will remain active before expiring after a set amount of time.

1 day

7 day


User personas

Create user personas that are collections of pre-defined variables to run user tests against.





Get full conversation transcripts of your bot to see how your assistant performs.

Password protection

Add passcode to your prototypes to share with specific individuals or groups.

NLU Management

Supported NLUs

Use Voiceflow to design and integrate with leading NLUs like Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Rasa and more.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Voiceflow NLU

Alexa, Google Assistant, Voiceflow NLU

Voiceflow NLU, Dialogflow, RASA, Nuance, Amazon Lex, Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson + Custom In-house NLUs

NLU import

Import an existing NLU model.

NLU export

Export your Voiceflow design to any NLU framework.


All NLUs

Utterance recommendations

Generate recommended utterances within Voiceflow to improve your NLU.

Confidence scores

Provide recommendations to increase strength of your NLU model.

Clarity scores

Provide your model "Clarity" score based on the number of conflicting utterances.

Clarity 'View conflicts'

Identify conflicting utterances and provide recommendations.

Data Integration

Rest APIs

Use our REST APIs via our API Step to bring Voiceflow into your external tools and products.

Custom Javascript

Create custom JavaScript functions within Voiceflow, including the ability to pull in and use NPM libraries.

Custom Actions

Create custom blocks within Voiceflow that can serve to access any channel's native features that Voiceflow doesn't natively support a GUI for.


Use our webhooks to automate workflows between Voiceflow and your external tools or products.

Admin & Security

User permissions

Workspace Admins can manage permissions for different people on your team.

Private URLs

Create private projects that can only be accessed by members in your workspace through unique URL.

SAML + Single Sign-On (SSO)

Manage employee access at scale with secure single sign-on.

Private cloud hosting

Private cloud hosting creates a separate login "ie acme.voiceflow.com" and fully isolated cloud environment for your company.

Custom contract & invoicing

We’ll work with you to create a custom contract and payment via PO/invoice. Reserved for teams on enterprise plan only.


Voiceflow forum & community

Access community-led support, resources through our Forum & Voiceflow Conversation Design Community for tips, best-practices, and resources.

Voiceflow documentation

Access to Voiceflow Creator Tool & Developer Documentation to learn to use Voiceflow.

Voiceflow video tutorials

Watch official Voiceflow created tutorials on our Voiceflow Youtube page.

Onboarding planning

Our team will work to create and execute a custom onboarding and training plan for your team.

Live support

Our Voiceflow Support team is dedicated to ensuring your day-to-day issues and questions are resolved, ensuring conversation design success!

< 12 hours

< 15 mins

Dedicated account manager

Ensuring your team's success towards goals & outcomes with a dedicated account manager & client success manager (regular check-ins, resources & enablement for team success).

Hands-on training

Our Conversation Designers & Voiceflow Experts in-house will train your team to use Voiceflow and implement best practices from every step of the Conversation Design journey.

Voiceflow private community

Dedicated private space within our Voiceflow community that allows your team to connect directly with your dedicated Voiceflow Experts.

Early access new features

Early access means you’ll always have the most powerful version of Voiceflow. You’ll also influence our future product roadmap.


Still have question? Contact sales

How does billing work?

Billing is managed per workspace and is owned by the workspace Admin, who is by default the workspace creator. Workspaces are billed based on the number of Editors (Viewers are free) in each workspace.

What's the difference between Editors and Viewers?

Editors are able to make changes to projects including delete projects. Viewers are only able to try the prototype mode, view the design and leave comments. Editors are billed licenses, whereas Viewers are free and can be added in unlimited number.

What happens if more people are added to my team every month?

You can add new editors to your team at any time. If you originally purchased the annual team plan, additional editors will be charged at the monthly rate until the annual plan is up for renewal.

How do I change to Voiceflow Enterprise?

To upgrade to Voiceflow Enterprise, please contact our sales team via our demo request form.

Does Voiceflow provide discounts for Students or NPOs?

Yes! To access these discounts, please message support@voiceflow.com.

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