Integrations: Google Sheets

Learn how to link to data using Voiceflow's Google Sheets Integration.

For Advanced Builders
Mark Ammendolia
Senior Manager, Creative Marketing & Digital Strategy

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create dynamic content in your projects by adding, retrieving, and updating data using Voiceflow's Google Sheets integration.

This integration also allows you to change the content in your projects without having to jump into Voiceflow. For example, if your voice experience is live and you need to make changes to the content, you won't have to start the certification process again. This is great for voice applications relating to news, entertainment, or any field using information that is constantly developing. With Voiceflow's Google Sheets Integration, it's fast and easy to update content - no matter how frequently.

Topics covered include: 

1. Adding Data to Google Sheets
2. Retrieving Data from Google Sheets
3. Updating Data in Google Sheets

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