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With this template, upload your internal docs, run a prototype, then deploy to Slack with minimal dev experience needed. In 10 minutes, you'll have a running Slackbot ready to tackle questions from your team. Here are the instructions:

  1. Clone the Voiceflow project to your workspace
  2. Follow our guide to set up a Slack app
  3. Fork on Replit to deploy and add to your own repository
  4. You're live! Test it in your Slack environment
  5. Update anything on Voiceflow in realtime and it will be updated live on the app itself.

What can you use this for? 💡

1. Internal Support Assistant
- Answer frequently asked questions about your company from the team
- Trigger actions using our API step to automate your team's workflows (ie. account upgrades, downloading information)
- Offer troubleshooting assistance to resolve team issues
- Provide links to relevant documentation and tutorials to assist your team in learning more

2. Slack Communities
- Answer questions about your community
- Automate your new member onboarding
- Help guide customers through resources by providing recommendations and advice
- Collect customer feedback and insights to improve the community experience using our analytics and transcripts features

How does the technology work?

This Slackbot is powered by a custom API that uses advanced technologies like Open AI, Langchain, Redis, OpenSearch, and Unstructured to fetch content from various sources, including URLs, sitemaps, text, PDFs, PowerPoints, Notion docs (markdown), and images (OCR).

Once the content is collected, it is turned into embeddings or vectors and saved in a local OpenSearch database, creating a comprehensive knowledge base. Users can then interact with the chatbot, asking questions about any topic related to Voiceflow. The chatbot utilizes the knowledge base to generate context and provide answers.

Learn more about our full collection of AI features here.
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