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How to use the Capture Step

Learn how to use the Capture Step with this step-by-step template.

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The Capture Step is a singular path that helps you capture specific information from the user that can be reused throughout your project. With the capture step, you can control what your experience is listening for at a specific point in the conversation.

Our template will teach you how to: 

• Use the Capture Step in your next experience
• Capture either a single entity or multiple entities simultaneously
• Capture and save a user's entire response
• Understand the difference between the Capture vs. Choice Step (and when to use each) 

💡 Why is the Capture Step important?

To create a seamless, user-friendly experience, chatbots and voice assistants need to be able to capture information in the ways that humans talk. Voiceflow's Capture Step enables you to build more dynamic and intelligent conversations by capturing and storing the specific data you need from a user's response.

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