Unlocking Voiceflow’s Potential for Developers: Custom Functions, APIs, and Advanced Features

Voiceflow's capabilities extend far beyond simple support bots.
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Voiceflow has long been recognized as a powerful platform for conversation design and building AI agents, particularly for support chatbots.

However, Voiceflow's capabilities extend far beyond simple support bots. By leveraging advanced features, custom JavaScript functions, and a robust suite of APIs, developers or teams working with developers can push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating more sophisticated AI agents with business data integrations and even creative custom interfaces.

In this article, we'll share how Voiceflow lets developers unlock its full potential, plus we’ll show off a few creative examples of how teams have deployed Voiceflow with the help of their developer teams.

Advanced Customization with Developers

Voiceflow provides developers with many ways to expand the capabilities of their agents. From writing custom JavaScript functions directly within the platform, or making API calls to check the status of an order, the possibilities are endless.

Developers can write JavaScript functions directly on their agents, allowing for complex logic and interactions. This includes:

  • On-app JavaScript: Handle logic inside your bot, such as sending requests, data manipulation or creating custom buttons or carousels.
  • API Calls: Interact with external services, send and receive data, and trigger actions outside the bot environment.
  • Standalone JavaScript Steps: Execute JavaScript independently within the conversation flow for various custom data processing.

The visual designer in Voiceflow also simplifies the development process, making it easier to build and debug complex logic.

  • Ease of Use: The visual designer helps both developers and non-developers understand and modify the bot’s functionality without getting lost in intricate state machine code.
  • Debugging Tools: Start from anywhere in the project, set variables manually, and control conversation flow to identify and resolve edge cases efficiently.

Robust API Integrations

Voiceflow’s full suite of APIs provides extensive control over your AI agents, enabling seamless integration with various systems and services.

The Dialog Manager API allows you to manage conversations programmatically, offering granular control over dialogue flows and interactions. This core API enables you to create any interface you want for your Voiceflow agents.

Update variables dynamically and utilize the Knowledge Base APIs to manage and query data efficiently. This is particularly useful for creating a managed Knowledge Base service for custom data.

The Transcript and Analytics APIs give you access to detailed transcripts of interactions and leverage analytics to improve your bot’s performance. These APIs help you keep track of conversations, understand user behavior, and fine-tune your agent’s responses.

Custom Interfaces

Through all these available APIs, customers like eSnipe have been able to deploy Voiceflow AI solutions in creative form factors like an AI enhanced search box, helping them automate 70% of their help center tickets.

Other customers like Toplyne have developed custom chat interfaces on their websites to interact with their agents, outside the standard “chat bubble”.

Scalability and Enterprise Solutions

Voiceflow is designed to scale with your needs, handling LLM integrations and infrastructure scaling seamlessly. Here’s how:

  • Infrastructure and Security: Voiceflow offers enterprise-level cloud solutions, ensuring that your AI agents are secure and reliable. This includes handling large language model (LLM) integrations and providing robust infrastructure support.
  • Content Management System: Voiceflow’s content management system helps keep your projects organized and scalable. Group commonly used steps into reusable components, similar to functions in classical programming, to maintain modularity and ease of maintenance.
  • Collaboration and Version Control: Export and share projects in real time by adding collaborators or downloading them as .vf files, which are compatible with version control systems like Git.

Community and Support

Voiceflow’s developer community and support resources are invaluable for learning and troubleshooting.

Tico, Voiceflow’s in-app chat assistant, can help write API calls and answer development questions.

Additionally, Voiceflow’s Discord community is a vibrant space where developers can share knowledge and get support from peers.

Voiceflow offers a wealth of resources, including detailed documentation and tutorials, to help developers maximize the platform’s capabilities.


Voiceflow is more than just a no-code tool; it’s a powerful platform for developers to create advanced AI agents. With custom functions, a comprehensive suite of APIs, and robust scalability features, Voiceflow provides everything you need to build and deploy sophisticated conversational agents.

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Alex Aumais
Alex is a co-op student on the Growth team at Voiceflow.

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