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One of the many benefits of voice technology is the immediacy it offers with certain tasks. Pulling out a pad and paper or opening up your phone when you need to quickly write down your thoughts and feelings can be tedious work. That's why the Daily Mood Tracker template is a great example of how voice can be the ideal medium when it comes to mood journaling — especially since your feelings can rapidly change from one moment to the next.

Voice-first journaling skills are also sticky and repetitive experiences that can foster an emotional connection with the user. This works to cultivate loyal return customers who continue to drive back to the app at a higher frequency. By adding new ways to engage with your users, you can design a very personal experience that stands out among its peers.

What does this template offer?

  • Overview of template design and vital components
  • Use positive and negative intents to decipher how the user is feeling
  • Employ conditions and variables to organize user responses
  • Save and retrieve moods using our Airtable integration
Nicolas Arcay Bermejo
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