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How to build an interactive story for Alexa

Learn how to build your own dynamic children's story or adventure using voice. Easily handle custom narratives, paths, obstacles, and more using the speak, choice and audio steps in Voiceflow.

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Choose your own adventure and interactive stories are some of the most popular use-cases for Alexa - and voice experiences in general. In this template, we breakdown the process of taking your story from script to interactive experience.

In this template, you'll learn:

  • The basics of the speak, choice and audio steps
  • How to complete a "chapter" using a question, choice, and outcome
  • How to edit and add new conversation paths
  • End-to-end testing of your experience

Learn how to combine speak blocks, different text-to-speech (TTS) voices, and choice blocks to create dynamic, repeatable paths for your end-user to explore within your story. Create complex narratives, add custom audio and earcons, and re-create your own story from this wicked space adventure.

💡 What else can you build with this template?

This template allows you to learn the basics of getting set up with various choice and speak blocks, along with setting up repair paths and potential outcomes for your end-user. You can repurpose this template to complete any of the following examples:

  • Choose your own adventure story
  • Children's books
  • Career path builder
  • Redirecting calls or users to helpful information
  • Any repeatable, dynamic skill
💡 PRO-TIP: try uploading custom earcons or audio clips instead of using the speak block. This can create a more customized and personal experience for your end-user.
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