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How to build an interactive study guide

Create a customizable mock exam, study guide, or training manual with this template. This experience has been built to accommodate multiple modes of interaction, including text, chip input and voice.
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With the advent of multimodal devices, it's now possible to reimagine how humans absorb and retain information, especially when it comes to studying. The study guide template considers a person's learning style and is designed for multiple modes of interaction (text, chip input, and voice). It also accounts for the many question types used in today's exams/tests including multiple-choice, visual/audio prompts, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer.

Create a comprehensive learning experience using text, audio, and visual cues to assist users in conceptualizing, analyzing, and applying meaning to the subject matter.

In this template we'll cover how to:

  • Design an interactive study guide/mock exam using popular question types
  • Use flows to add, duplicate, remove and edit new and existing questions
  • Use the random step to randomize the question order
  • Set conditions to account for user sessions and number of questions asked
  • Setting/resetting variables to personalize the experience
  • Using intents to context-switch
Mark Ammendolia
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