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How to build an IVR flow for your business

Dive into a customized IVR flow that can be scaled to fit your needs. With Voiceflow's Dialogflow Integration, you can prototype this experience right from your mobile device.
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Introducing our IVR template, a scalable telephony experience that can handle a wide variety of customer inquiries while directing the user to a series of answers, actions, and when called for, a live agent. This project offers a step-by-step guide to creating a customizable IVR flow for your business and includes opens intents, custom actions, commands and flows.

This IVR template will show you how to:

• Add custom earcons and audio to define your sonic branding and craft an experience that is uniquely yours.
• Use open intents to create a flexible menu system that are scalable
• Take advantage of Dialogflow's built-in system entities to help identify and extract information from a user's input
• And finally, harness the power of Voiceflow's Dialogflow Integration by connecting your experience to the Dialogflow Console so you can prototype directly on your phone.

Ready to add a versatile IVR system to your existing channels? Download the IVR template and start impressing callers with a system that improves their experience.

Mark Ammendolia
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