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How to design and prototype with User Personas

Dive into the user personas to understand how to test based on the user logged in. The component is completely scalable, allowing you to test any voice assistant scenario. From now on, don't skip any blocks that haven't been tested.

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Here's our User Personas template, which focuses on the testing phase to provide you as many possibilities as possible when testing your assistant. This component is completely scalable, allowing you to ensure that your conversational design is ready to go.

The User Personas template will show you how to:

  • Put to the test any situation your assistant covers.
  • Take advantage of any potential issues that conversational design may encounter and check them out before launching your project.
  • Create as many users as your voice assistant requires to thoroughly test each element of your design.

Are you ready to take command of your own project during the testing phase? With Voiceflow’s User Personas template, there are no more surprises when it comes to conversational projects.

💡 What else can you build with this template?

We've become accustomed to managing a large number of rapid projects, so minor mistakes are common. This template, on the other hand, addresses any potential issues that we may have skipped in order to perfect your conversational design as much as possible.The best part of the User Personas template is that it can be used in any project, regardless of theme.

With the help of this template, you can check several other projects, such as:

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2. Trip & Hotel Advisor

3. Customer service assistant for your retail business

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