How to conduct user testing with NLU data

“I want to improve my NLU Model based on real user interactions”

You are a conversation designer who

  • Wants to easily test the NLU model with users or stakeholders
  • Wants to eliminate the tedious and manual process of iterating the NLU model after reviewing test transcripts

What you'll learn in Voiceflow

  • Intent Confidence
  • Transcripts
  • Add Utterance to Model

Workflow how-to

  1. Once your design is finished and fully trained, hit play in the upper right corner to run a test of your conversation
  2. Easily gauge the confidence of your user replies through the Intent Confidence percentage shown in the prototype
  3. Once you’ve completed the user test, select the “Save Transcript” in the prototype modal
  4. After exiting the prototype, you can access your transcripts on the left side of your canvas
  5. Review your transcripts and select Add utterance to Intent on any no match utterances from your conversation
  6. Simply choose the intent you want to add the utterance to, retrain your model and voila — give it a try!

Try it yourself

"Voiceflow has made creating conversation dialogue journeys easy and smooth. It has facilitated the collaboration and best practice sharing between people across different teams and countries.”

Ilaria Di Donfrancesco

Product Owner - AI Platforms

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