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This tutorial demonstrates how to use our knowledge base feature to build a support agent that recommends features to a user based on their goals. Our knowledge base feature lets you upload your documentation in form of website or document to power your assistant's responses. Here's how to get started:

  1. Clone the Voiceflow template.
  2. Connect your company’s knowledge base. Upload PDFs, text files, and/or URLs to your Knowledge Base data source. Make sure your documentation can clearly describe your features and the outcomes that your user can achieve.
  3. Test your assistant to preview generated responses. Leverage our prototyping tool to build confidence in your assistant's ability to serve your customers.
  4. Push it live and invite your customers. Ready to deploy your assistant? Hit publish, copy your code snippet, and drop it into the <body> tag of your website. A similar process can be followed to deploy your assistant on a supported channel, such as WhatsApp, Twilio SMS, or Microsoft Teams.
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