How The Home Depot Rapidly Scaled IVR User Testing

Learn how the team went from 12 to 300 user tests in one week

By the numbers:


Scaled user testing from 12 to 300 in one week


Reduced time spent on a la carte testing by 50%


Unified the IVR experience with all other conversational channels

"Within the first week of deploying repeatable IVR tests, the team was able to scale user testing from 12 to 300 - all in 50% of the time."

Senior UX Designer @ The Home Depot

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A modern IVR means better data

The conversation design team at The Home Depot understood the benefits of a modern IVR system, yet conducting a la carte user tests was a massive waste of time. Using Voiceflow, the team optimized the process and can now focus on analyzing user feedback and designing a better IVR experience.

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