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How to capture and display a list of items using voice and visuals

We created a completely customizable shopping list template that you can use over and over again. This design can be modified into the perfect list experience to meet your business or personal needs, from keeping track of company merchandise to establishing a running catalogue of songs you should download.
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Having a hard time keeping track of your to-dos? Our shopping list experience is a multi-purpose template that makes it easy for you to keep a running list of items. This flexible design was built with the user experience in mind, as it provides several intuitive options the user can customize to suits their needs. Using this template, you can replace variables, customize intents, add new slots and utterances, and take advantage of visuals to support a multimodal experience.

What does this template offer?

  • Harnessing the power of variables and slots to capture/record user responses
  • Using set steps to manipulate and organize user responses
  • Customize the experience using a wide array of logic blocks
  • Designing for voice and display visuals to support multimodal us
Nicolas Arcay Bermejo
Product Advocate @ Voiceflow
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