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Daniel D'Souza

This walkthrough shows you how to create an AI Analytics Summary bot that takes complex information (ie. from a report or dashboard) and turn it into something digestible for the user. Using our template, we summarize information from an API, then let GPT summarize it to the user.

  1. Clone the Voiceflow template.
  2. Use the API step, Javascript step, or our DM API to retrieve your data's endpoint.
  3. Test your assistant to preview generated responses.
  4. Push it live and invite your customers. Ready to deploy your assistant? Hit publish, copy your code snippet, and drop it into the <body> tag of your website. A similar process can be followed to deploy your assistant on a supported channel, such as WhatsApp, Twilio SMS, or Microsoft Teams.
Daniel D'Souza
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Leading growth at Voiceflow.

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