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Your Ultimate AI Assistant Deployment Platform:

FlowBridge is your key to effortlessly deploying Voiceflow AI assistants on social media. Say goodbye to the hassles of complex documentation, unreliable developers, and inefficient tools. Our platform is tailored for AI automation agencies, streamlining integration with popular channels like WhatsApp and many others coming soon, all under one easy-to-use interface.

- Easily show your clients full statistics and chat transcripts through our Dashboards;

- Experience hassle-free client management with our command center;

- Monitor engagements, and leverage data insights for constant improvement;All this, under a whitelabeled interface that you can customize with your brand, elevating your professional image!

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New Release: FlowBridge Alerts

Another super exciting update to share with everyone. We're now introducing FlowBridge Alerts!FlowBridge Alerts allows you to set up alert notifications to your favorite business communication tools (currently we support Slack, Discord & Microsoft Teams). This means that from within your Voiceflow builds, you can trigger a specific alert to be sent.Why is this useful?Once you deploy production-grade AI chatbots for your clients, it's important to stay aware of any issues in your build before it causes damage to the business relationship between you and your client.With FlowBridge Alerts you can make sure if something is failing in your build (like an API call error, or a step failing), you instantly get notified about it while it happens, can jump into your project, debug the issue, and fix it even before your client figures out it happened!

How do I use alerts?

With this update, we're also introducing FlowBridge Knowledge Base which contains articles about how to use the FlowBridge platform. We'll be adding more to it over time, but we've added all the information on how to use it there!Our FlowBridge knowledge base: about FlowBridge Alerts:

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